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How does a Style Search work?

1.Select a Style Search Package: Choose from a range of pricing options based on the
 number of items you would like us to search for.

2.Complete Style Brief: Tell us a bit about yourself and which item(s) you would like us to
 search for.

3.Style Search: We scour the web based on your Style Brief to deliver you a superb range of
 personalised search results that you won’t be able to resist.

4.Search Results: Within 72 hours, detailed results land in your inbox. Review your search
 results and decide on what to buy (or not, you’ll probably want it all!).

What do I get?

Your STYLESEEKER package includes:

>   A range of options to choose from for each item that is requested.

>   A comprehensive description of the items including images.

>   A strategy behind why we have chosen these great pieces just for you.

>   Direct links to the retailers so you can purchase the item(s) or we can
     purchase and gift wrap on your behalf.

What does it cost?

STYLESEEKER has a fantastic range of Style Search packages available:
Package What it includes Price
STYLESEEKER 1 A Style Search for ONE item of your choice. $29
STYLESEEKER 2 A Style Search for TWO items of your choice. $49
STYLESEEKER 3 A Style Search for THREE items of your choice. $69
STYLESEEKER Outfit The STYLESEEKER Outfit package will get you a full ensemble
(FOUR-SIX items) for your specified occasion.
STYLESEEKER Wardrobe Update your seasonal wardrobe or start afresh with the STYLESEEKER wardrobe package. It includes a search for EIGHT items as well as mood boards showing how your new pieces can work together to give you the ultimate wardrobe. $249