Thursday 03 October, 2013

Westward Leaning sunglasses

We'd be leaning westward here in the STYLESEEKER office if that's what it takes to get our hot little hands on some more pairs of these fabulous sunglasses by Westward Leaning. Spotted on celebrities and us minions around the globe alike, all loving the feeling of Westward Leaning.

The Westward Leaning unisex sunglasses come in one standard, super-stylish and ultra-flattering model but each comes with unique touch that tells a story about a human achievement in the form of a social cause. And in honour of the cause US$10 is donated for every pair of sunglasses sold which means that you're not only going to look good but you'll be helping the world be a better place. The look-good and feel-good factor has definitely been upped with these beauties. We urge you to read further about all the interesting causes they are supporting by visiting the Westward Leaning website.

Westward Leaning Sunglasses

Here, we've picked out our faves from their new limited edition collection. We'd have one of each if we could! But which are your faves?

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